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Lt. Governor Mark Darr at MCRC Meeting

Our Committie was pleased to have guest speaker Lt. Gov. Mark Darr at our meeting last Thursday.  He joined us at Dixie Pig at Blytheville and we were pleased to sit with him at dinner.  He is a fine Christian man, the likes of which we need more of in government.  He has a genuine love and compassion for the State of Arkansas and our Country, but an even greater one for his wife and children.  This makes him a good man in our book!

mark darr

From his website…

Mark Darr took office in January 2011 as the state’s 15th Lieutenant Governor. He is the youngest Republican to be elected to a statewide office in Arkansas.


Darr is a strong advocate for government transparency and economic development. As a candidate, he ran on the promise of helping to put an end to wasteful spending by implementing an online checkbook. Senate Bill 221, the Arkansas Financial Transparency Act, was signed into law on March 14, 2011. Darr is a firm believer in utilizing Arkansas’ natural energy resources, through natural gas and lignite exploration. He will continue to promote and encourage the study of the 4.5 billion tons of lignite which has been identified in the southern region of the state in hopes that it will bring more jobs and economic prosperity.
Darr has started businesses in both Central and Northwest Arkansas. He was born in Fort Smith (Sebastian County), in 1973, and is the youngest of four children. His father, the late Johnnie Darr, was a Southern Baptist minister who taught his children at an early age the value of faith, family and principle.


The Lieutenant Governor grew up in Mansfield where he attended public schools. Darr attended Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia where he received his bachelor’s degree. A gifted vocalist, he has traveled the state performing for different groups.


Darr was selected to serve on the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association (NLGA) Executive Committee as well as the NLGA’s Policy Resolutions Committee. He was also chosen by NLGA to represent Arkansas at the 110th China Import and Export Fair. Darr was inducted into the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of 2011 and Arkansas Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of 2012 in Little Rock. He and his wife Kim, an educator, and their two children reside in Springdale. He and Kim are members of Cross Church in Springdale. Darr is a licensed insurance agent.

We look forward to announcing and endorsing him for whatever position he chooses to run for this next term.  We ask that you be in prayer for his family as they have some very important decisions to make in the next few weeks!


God’s Law Author Comes To Tyler



We were pleased to have a guest speaker Charles Fuqua at Tyler Baptist Church.  Charles Fuqua recently did a presentation for our local Republican Committee and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  He and Don spoke after the meeting and talked about him coming to our church.  That day came last Sunday and his presentations were really a hit with the congregation.  Eye opening to say the least, he gave a talk in the morning services about our money system in the United States and a biblical solution to our countries problems.  We were pleased to have Mr. Fuqua and his wife over to our house for lunch and a visit.  The kids always enjoy guests and really put on a show as usual!  For our evening services Mr. Fuqua did his presentation on Islam, titled “Why Muslims Hate America.”  We were all shocked about what little we actually knew about this demonic “religion” and what we could expect in America if we continued to keep our mouth shut. 

His presentations have definatley been the talk of the church and will continue to be as many read and discuss his book.  We highly reccomend anyone purchasing his book and scheduling him to come to your church or meeting.  Charles Fuqua described himself as  the watchman on the wall, and we greatly appreciate his service, sacrifice and dedication to our country.  His book, God’s Law, The Only Political Solution can be purchased for $19.95 (free Shipping) from his website



It’s A Good Day In Arkansas!

Photo: Thank you to the leadership of the Arkansas House and Arkansas Senate. SB134, Human Heartbeat Protection Act is now law.

Lincoln Day Dinner with Mike Huckabee

Don and I, accompanied by Lee and nursing baby Clara, attended Green County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday night.  The Key Note speaker was former Governor Mike Huckabee


Also spreaking was Congressman Rick Crawford


We had a real nice time, great speakers and great food and fellowship.  We also visited with Curtis Coleman who is running for Governor of Arkansas in the next election.  We have met with him on a few occasions, but we managed to get a quick picture this time.  Since we will probably be in Missouri by the time election gets here, we will unfortunately not be able to vote for him.  But we can still campaign!!!


Lee did a great job and was very attentive!  He did begin playing with his food a little in the end.  Fortunatley this was after Mike Huckabee’s speech!  


Clara was a good little girl too.  I have nursed a baby in a lot of weird places…but during a Mike Huckabee speech so far has been the coolest!


Governor Huckabee had to leave before we got our picture with him due to the program starting back up.  We did get close enough to snap a picture of him though!


God’s Law – The Only Political Solution

The fact that the founding fathers of the United States were totally immersed in Biblical teachings and principles, and that they employed them in the construction of their governmental and economic system, is evidence that the principles work. In reaching this conclusion I acknowledge that I accept the premise that the United States has been the most successful governmental experiment in all of known history. Even if a person does not believe in the existence of God, it cannot be denied that the principles used to establish the United States of America have worked for the benefit of the vast majority of the people in the United States. History demonstrates that the principles in God’s Law work to promote the greatest justice, prosperity, and happiness for the majority of people. The closer a nation follows God’s Law, the greater prosperity it will have.  

(from God’s Law The Only Political Solution)

We were blessed to have author Charles Fuqua at our Republican Committee Meeting last week.  He gave a presentation on our money system in the United States and ways that we can fix the current crisis our Nation faces.  His book, God’s Law, The Only Political Solution can be purchased for $19.95 (free Shipping) from his website.  We purchased the book at our meeting and are looking forward to getting into it.  I’ll be sure to post a review after we are finished reading!  We are also planning an event at our church.  Check back for the scheduling information.

Here are a few exerpts from the Book:

History proves that more death and human suffering have been caused by powerful governments than have been caused by all other human activity combined. Our founding fathers realized that government was a necessary evil. It is vitally important that we understand both aspects of that statement. Government is necessary to restrain the evil inclinations of individuals who would harm others for their own gain. It is evil because it is composed of individuals who have inherited the sin nature of their father Adam. Government has the potential of committing more harm than any individual because it is many people working together.


Liberals believe that it is the purpose of government to protect us from our bad choices. Conservatives believe in freedom of choice, but believe that if we make poor choices, the natural consequences of our choices will correct us and prevent us from making more bad choices. It is natural that working hard brings prosperity, and being lazy brings poverty. Government cannot change this. Freedom is the ability to do whatever we choose, as long as we choose to act responsibly. If government gives all of us security in our social status (social security), it takes away our ability to excel or fail. As more of us get economic security from our government, rather than from our productivity, we become more insecure as a nation. This is because more and more of us lose the motivation to work to avoid poverty.


The reason that a free competitive market works better than a government controlled market is that a free market system is based on the premise that man is greedy and always wants more. As long as no one is granted a monopoly by the government, a free competitive market always provides more of what the people need than a government controlled market. This is because filling a need produces a profit.


We cannot fix what is wrong until we understand what is wrong. This book explains what is wrong with the world and tells how to fix it to bring peace and prosperity to all who are willing to work for it.  For more information about the book, or to schedule Charles Fuqua at your church or event check out


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