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Dress A Girl Around The World

Dress A Girl Around the World is a wonderful ministry that I am so blessed to be a part of!  We just sent our first shipment of 100 dresses and I was so excited to get back the pictures of all those smiling faces! Be looking for an up-coming post with those pictures.  For now, I wanted to share a little information about the dress a girl program.  I would love to come speak to your church, youth group, or sewing group and tell you more! Please let me know if you are interested!  You can contact me at

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We dream of a world…

                                           in which every girl has at least one new dress!


We want girls to know  that they are worthy of love and respect and most of all that God loves them!


Dress a Girl Around the World is a Campaign under Hope 4 Women International (a 501 (c) 3 organization) bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006.  Hope 4 Women International is a nondenominational independent Christian organization.

Visit Hope 4 Women International at



What if Every Girl had just one dress?

 People from across the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, The UK, Sweden, the Philippines, Uganda, and more gather for a day or an evening of sewing dresses out of pillowcases and fabric. They gather in living rooms, basements, backyards, dining rooms, schools, churches, and civic centers.

Change Her Destiny

 By providing a new dress you may well be changing a young girl’s destiny. Village pastors tell us that a girl wearing new dress presents an appearance that she is well cared for and may discourage would-be predators. We attach our Dress a Girl label on the outside of each dress sending an additional message that each girl is under the care of an organization, giving her added protection from those who would harm her.

What If You Made That Dress?

 Go around the world with us and see girls who live in a society where they have no value—where they are used as slaves, abused and preyed upon. Imagine kneeling before a little girl in Uganda or the Appalachians. You are holding a beautiful new dress—made by you.  You tell her “I made this dress just for you because you are precious to me and to God.”

Imagine as you drop the dress over her head that the shame she feels is dropping away. She lifts her chin toward the heavens—allowing her to stand tall.

To join us on a trip please email


Get the Sewing Handbook

If you are interested in sewing for dress a girl please download the sewing handbook…

 It includes guidelines, patterns and sewing tutorials essential for sewing the dresses.




 Give a Gift to Help us Reach Girls at Risk

Your financial gift enables us  to ship dresses to groups who will hand carry them to other countries. We also train women to make dresses within their own countries and gift them with sewing machines enabling them to dress their own girls.

If you would like to help this program continue to reach girls around the world you can send a tax-deductible financial gift to:

Hope 4 Women International
P.O. Box 8061
Tempe, AZ 85281

Why we sew…

Pillowcase Dress

This is a quick and easy way to make a pillowcase dress. and my favorite to make!  I recently became the Missouri Ambassador for a wonderful ministry Dress A Girl Around The World. Our director, Suzanne, has a post of this same dress pattern on her blog, as well  It will help you to visit Dress A Girl’s website and check out the sewing handbook.  It will give you all the measurements for these dresses and you can print off the arm-hole templates.


  1. Start with a clean pillowcase trim off the top and fold it in half.



2.   Measure the approximate length of your dress and decide which armhole template you need.  Cut both sides at the same time.



3.   Open up pillowcase, turn inside out and fold town 1/4 inch and press.  Fold down again 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches and press.  Do this for both sides.




4.  Sew along the edge of your fold.  I live to use a zig-zag stitch, especially when I am doing a contrasting color.  Then sew your top stitch that will encase your elastic.  I like to skip down a little so you will have a little ruffle at the top of your dress.  Do this for both sides.  Always remember to back stitch so your dresses will be sturdy and bless these girls for a long time!


5.   Determine the length of elastic you need (refer to your handbook), put a pin in the end of it and feed it through your casing.




6.    Do a zig-zag stitch back and forth several times along the elastic.  Be sure to do it close enough to the edge that your seam binding will cover it.  Feed the elastic all the way through and do the same on the other side.








7.    Determine the length of your straps (refer to the handbook).  You will be using Extra wide, double fold bias tape for this.  Fold your tape in half to determine the middle.  Place the middle at the bottom of your armhole and pin it.  You might want to open it up and sandwich it around the fabric and pin all around the armhole.  I have done it so much at this point, I am able just to hold it!




8.   Be sure to fold under the ends of your tape so you have no rough edges and sew all along the tape from one end to the other.  Where the binding meets with the edge of the dress I like to use a back and forth zig-zag stitch to make the dress more durable.


9.    Now it the time you would add a pocket, maybe even some lace or a ruffle, and your Dress A Girl Label.  Since I am waiting on my labels to come in I will add my pocket later!




If you would like to find out more about Dress A Girl Around the World and how you can help this work please feel free to contact me!

Candyce Tims




Proclaiming the Gospel with Gospel-Link

bro samuel

Our family has been blessed by the National Pastors we support through Gospelink and are so thankful that God would use our little family in such a big way!  We found this organization a few years ago through another family and we knew it was for us!  God has blessed our family financially and we love giving as much of it to the Lords work as we possibly can.  We were so glad to be able to increase our giving this year. Last year Bro. Samuel came from Malawi, Africa to speak to our church and since then Tyler Baptist and our family has sent 1,000′s of tracts to Africa. To God be the glory!


iphone pics2 046

These are some pictures that Bro. Samuel has sent us over the last few months.  Here his family are handing out tracts in an open market.  In other countries these pastors are invited to the schools to share the gospel and the children love receiving the tracts we send.  They carry them home and whole families are saved.  Its so sad that the words of God is not welcomed in our “In God We Trust” government schools.

iphone pics2 045

Happy faces to receive just a few scriptures in their native language.

iphone pics2 044

The picture below is of a Muslim witch doctor who by God’s grace was saved after reading one of these tracts!  Praise God!

iphone pics2 070

Please check out Gospelinks National Pastor Program and pray about what the Lord would have your family or church do!


What is a national pastor?

A national pastor is a born-again Christian serving in his own native area. He doesn’t have to learn the language since he already knows it. He knows the culture and has a hearing among his people. What has amazed us is that a national pastor can live on a hundred dollars or so a month versus the cost of thousands and thousands of dollars to send a western missionary to that same mission field. It has been a blessing for our family to find this ministry! You can find out more at Gospelinks website, or even watch a short video.


How much does it cost?

Gospelink sponsorships are divided into five parts––you can sponsor a pastor for $15 a month, or, you can do all five parts for a total of $145. Each pastor needs:

  • 3 ministry sponsorships ($35 each)
  • 1 outreach sponsorship ($25)
  • 1 training sponsorship ($15)

May I write my National Pastor?

Gospelink allows you to correspond with your preacher. You may write to him once a quarter, and you’ll also receive a several-page report from your pastor each quarter. The report includes details of his ministry and information about his personal life and family.


Will I get a photo of my National Pastor?

Yes! Gospelink gives you prayermarks with your pastor’s picture and name on it, and several pictures of him and his family. We have ours on our refrigerator, and we have made a book for the kids to look through. We have put the pastors letters in there as well and have included maps and interesting facts about the pastors, their families, and the regions in which they minister.


GospelLink’s Statement of Faith

It is important to us to know what an organization believes and you should too!

Pure Religion – The Lloyd Family Adoption Journey



This post is dear to my heart.  I have personally been praying for this sweet family for quite a while.  I know I am in good company, because I know there are many others lifting the Lloyd family and little Samuel up in their prayers.

This is from a post on April’s page…

I was asked today why we were adopting and why Africa. Honestly I love that question. It allows me to brag on God! I am not perfect or anyone to follow I am not posting this because I think I am good. But to tell a little of our story and answer why to anyone who we call a friend. My quitting work full time was a huge leap of faith and a test that we passed. One month and one day later God changed our lives again. That day we did a newborn session and I pulled out a scarf I had brought back from Africa. I told the mom that it was special because it was from Africa. Little did I know she too had been on a mission trip a few years ago. As she spoke I kept hearing God say the time is now. I actually had to sit twice and try and compose myself. After the session I had to hurry home to pick up our kids from school. Jason stayed behind to shoot a Senior session. During that 45 min drive I argued all of the logical reasons why we can’t do this with God. Then as I arrived to Dyersburg I heard him very clearly say you have a baby in Africa. You are the mother. You can waste time and tell me why you can’t do this but I am telling you, you have a baby in Africa. The longer it takes you to realize that is the longer he goes with out his mother!
So I pulled over and cried and apologized to God! Little did I know at the same time Jason was also having his own God moment. I thought I would surprise him but he already knew! So that’s it. We are following God every step of the way no matter how crazy or illogical and we could not be happier. One day soon hopefully we will have an update that we can post but for now it looks like we will be home with our baby in 10 months to a Year.
Thanks for reading and please keep our complete family in your prayers!

God spoke to their hearts almost a year and a half ago, and they are still waiting. Following God is not always easy, but the Lloyds have decided to do just that. No matter how difficult or expensive, they are on the journey to their son. #waitingforu

Take a moment and watch their Journey… (Warning, have tissues ready!)


The Lloyd Family Adoption Journey Timeline

Nov 12 2012 Heard separately, but at the same time that they had a baby in Africa …
(don’t you just love when God does that)
Nov 14 2012 Signed with an agency
Nov 28 1012 Announced to family and Facebook that we were adopting
Dec 27, 2012 Homestudy done
April 2, 2013 All documentation complete and approved. Officially waiting for a referral
April 10, 2013 Samuel was born
May 20, 2013 We got THE call. We have a SON!!
Aug 27, 2013 Passes court and CONA!! Samuel is now a Lloyd!! Told Gavin and Addie
you have a brother. Announced to youth group, we have a son, and told family and
Sept. 27, 2013 Our adoptive country stopped issuing exit letters, for up to 12 months :(
Oct 10, 2013 I-600 Approved!!
Oct 17, 2013 Embassy received I-600 and Visa investigation started.

Currently they are waiting on the visa investigation to be completed. This can take from 3-6 months. They are at month 4. Since passing I-600 Samuel has been in foster care.
It is expected that both parents will have to travel to pick Samuel up and are expecting a 3 week stay. Currently they have not received any grants, in spite of applying for many. At this time they  have paid all agency and lawyer fees. However they still have monthly foster care fees, travel cost, and re-adoption fees to pay as those arise.


What you can do…

Pray for the Lloyd Family and little Samuel as they go through this adoption season.

Sign the Petition to Congress to help resolve pending adoptions to the Congo…

If you feel lead to help in a financial way please donate using the go fund me link…

Pray for all the orphanages around the world, Pray for the children who are hurting, and families who are waiting to selflessly receive them into their home. Pray that these children will come to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that they can be used as an instrument to further the gospel to the United States and even to their native lands.

May God give us an open mind and open hearts…may we desire and seek a pure religion.

James 1:27
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.


Visitor From Malawi

This weekend we were pleased to host national pastor Bro. Samuel Vinkhumbo from Malawi, Africa, and representative of GospelLink Dean Kershner and his son.  We had a great time learning more about GospelLink and about Bro. Sameul’s family, church and culture.  They were a real blessing to invite into our home.  We ate pork BBQ, baked beans, slaw, potato salad, and chocolate pie.  Bro. Samuel had never had any thing like it and he really enjoyed pork and the pie.  We are so blessed in America to have meat nearly every meal.  In Samuel’s country, before he was sponsored by GospelLink, his children would often skip meals.  Now they are blessed to get meat about once a month, and have never had to miss a meal. We really enjoyed hearing all the stories about “the bush” in Africa, and what GospelLink is doing all over the world.  Bro. Samuel was a blessing to us!  One day maybe we can visit his family in Africa, if we never get that chance, we know we will see each other in heaven!  What a day that will be!  The kids had a great time playing with Deans boy, and we hope to be able to host their family again, at least annually!  Sunday during Sunday School, Dean shared with the church about his life, his work in Russia, and his work with GospelLink.  Every one was intrigued with his stories and his little boys Scripture memory.  After Assembly Don introduced Bro. Samuel.  Bro. Samuel shared a testimony and then preached a wonderful message.  He preached about God knowing us in the womb, and having an assignment for us, even before we were born, then he touched on the Great Commission, and gave warning about excuses.  He encouraged us to widen our vision, to not be so self-centered and to remember our Brothers and Sisters on the other side of the world.  We were blessed, again!  After the sermon we had a fellowship and got to hear many more wonderful stories!


Our family is blessed to support in part 7 National pastors… 2 in Ethiopia, 1 in the Congo, 1 in Ukraine, and 3 in Russia.  We also sent 1000 Chick tracts in the Chichewa Language to Bro. Samuel.  We plan on doing this regularly, If you would like to send tracts, please let us know and we will give you Bro. Samuel’s contact information.  He is in great need of tracts and Bibles.  He is currently over 125 churches in Malawi, so he can distribute many!


We encourage anyone who can give as little as $15 to $35 a month to give to National Pastors through GospelLink!

Read More…



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