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A Plumbing We Wil Go…


Last week we took advantage of the dry, HOT, weather and did a little dirt work at our new home-place.  We spread out the dirt, completed our circle drive around our house, did some mowing…and since we weren’t tired yet, we rented a trencher and laid pipe for 2 outdoor faucets.  Don joked that next time we would just let all the kids dig the trench and he could save that money.  We quickly added pay for the labor, and realized it would still be cheaper to rent the trencher…and simply hire the kids to do the work!


Don recently bought some gardening equipment for the kids, so the big boys could help chopping beans.  They put them to good use filling the trench back up.  We are thankful for hard working kids who jump right in, no matter the task! (With no complaining either!) :)


One of the best things parents can teach their kids is the value of hard work.  No matter what their size or what the skill is to be learned, they will glean lifelong lessons and learn to appreciate a job well done. Little ones love to feel just as needed as their big brothers and sisters and everyone has a valued place in the family!

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.
Proverbs 20:11



Eli and Daddy.


Another job well done…time for baths, Bible time, and bed!

This wasn’t the end of the work adventure for the big boys last week!  They also helped their Daddy move a pivot and helped their momma sew grass seed and water our “dirt” yard.  I think they had rather work for daddy though…he pays them! :)


House Update – Trusses, and Dormers, and Roof…Oh, My!



We haven’t updated on the house in a little while and alot has happened.  Progress has still been somewhat slowed due to rain, but we have been impressed how much has been done in just a few short days!



Upstairs – A room with a view of the wheat.




IMG_1347  IMG_1348


We let all the kids have a look upstairs, with one requirement…that they hold our hand.  This didn’t go over well with Eli who would have fearlessly repelled out the second story window.



Dormers being formed and a few shingles showing up.




Progress on the Homefront



We have walls up!  The trusses are on their way Wednesday.  The kids little and big alike have had fun running around through all the rooms.  This view is the back of the house.


We have been blessed to find Crafton Equipment to build our home.  We have been able to be hands on throughout the whole decision process and we even drew out out our own plans to suit our needs.  As you can imagine we do not fit the cookie cutter family, and our family will only grow, Lord willing. IMG_1290

Some of the kids on the back porch.




Wide open spaces was one thing we are looking forward too…inside and outside!


Check back for more updates and how we are building a house that will work for a big family. 

Keep you eyes out for…

  • Why we chose dorm style bedrooms
  • All about the Family Closet
  • Why we don’t have room for a TV in our living room
  • and our ingenious school space.


May Farm Update


The wheat is beautiful this time of year, especially in the breeze!  It is beginning to loose its green color in it’s heads, the stalks are still very green however.  We expect to be thrashing in about a month.


The above picture is bearded wheat, its what most people think of when they think of wheat.  Below is non-bearded wheat, I think the bearded is the prettiest!


Below is a picture of a water furrow in the wheat.


I know as a farmers wife I am not supposed to like thistles.  Don and I have this talk all the time!  I just can’t help to think of how beautiful they are this time of year,  not in the field or the yard…of course!!!


The corn is really growing in all this wet weather, most of it is 1 foot tall or taller.





We are in the process of planting the beans, in between rains, that is! 


Planter tracks.


As far as the house building goes…we have the foundation and plumming completed!!!!  It has been delayed due to weather as well, but we are not complaining.  As long as it is finished before the baby gets here, I am a happy woman! 




Breaking Ground


It has been such a wet spring our house has been delayed a bit.  Better late than never, I say!  They came out this morning and dug the trenches and poured the footing.  It only took half a day for them to get finished.  Lee and Grady were so excited Grady did extra school yesterday and Lee got up early and was finished by 7:30 this morning!  The construction crew had lots of supervisors!!!








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