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15 Farmwife Realities That it is Farming Season Again

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1. You will be a single mom for the remainder of the year.  Lovingly termed “the farm widow”

2. Your life will revolve around the weather… Did it rain? How much? Praying for rain, praying for no rain.  How hard is the wind blowing?

3. You will spend time in the tractor, sprayer, and combine with your husband… just so that you can see him in the daylight.

 4. Your meal time of 6:00 pm you’ve had throughout the winter will now be “whenever is convenient”.

5. You quickly realize how much gas you use this time of year. You will be driving to and from fields multiple times a day — delivering meals, delivering parts, moving equipment from field to field.

6. Vacations are no longer possible… unless it rains… Then maybe you will get to take a day trip with the kids, if there are no needed repairs on equipment.

7. All your children will have farmer tans, and will fight over who gets to ride with daddy.

8. Lots of ham sandwiches…….lots of ham sandwiches! Did I say…lots of ham sandwiches?

9. It’s that time of year when you start on your “hobbies” again. (gardening, quilting, canning, drawing, etc.)

10. You will stay up till 1 am cleaning the house, on more than one occasion, because you cant sleep if the farmer isn’t home.

11. You will be called at random times of the day for a forecast or wind speed or to describe what the radar looks like.   Be prepared to tell the farmer exactly when the rain will start.

12. Have a baby sling (for the nursing baby) and a nana handy (to watch the other young ins) when you have to put on the old jeans and drive a tractor to help out.

13. Your kids will bring home random stuff the Case or John Deere parts men gave them when they went in with their daddy. (once a sausage and biscuit)

14. Buying the farmer a new “pocket calculator” because he wore all the numbers off last year.

15. and last but not least…sleeping late when it rains :)

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All jokes aside, there is nothing we had rather be doing!  We feel incredibly blessed to be able to work hard and to raise our children on the land that generations before us have cultivated.  We wouldn’t want to do anything else and we are very grateful that this was part of God’s plan for our family.


Tractors in the Snow






IMG_2928  IMG_2930

Quit Chasing Rabbits!


As we shared yesterday we have recently expanded our farm!  Chickens and Rabbits, Oh, my!  Like I said we were going to wait on meat rabbits until we had a barn, but as I was searching Craigslist for chickens, I ran across a rabbit listing that was too good to pass up.  It included a New Zealand buck, New Zealand doe, 3 Flemish Does, and 17 of their babies (who were a week away from butchering).  Also, 3 hutches, all their feeders, and nesting boxes, heat lamps, and whatever feed they had left, and at a price we couldn’t refuse!


The people we bought these from had raised the bunnies and then couldn’t kill them.  Their loss was our gain. Here is our current line up…





“Little Momma”


“Big Momma”  Who has since had us a litter.


“Big Momma 2″


This is a picture of the 8 weekers who currently reside in my freezer.

We sold 3 rabbits to a friend for meat breeding purposes. and butchered the rest.  The kids even helped skin them.  We saved the skins so we could learn how to tan hides, when it gets a little warmer, of course!  We are looking forward to many more litters, an many more yummy meals, and hopefully a great learning experience for the kids.


The fruits of our labour!


Farm Update – Early June 2013


Soybeans are popping out of the ground everywhere!  We have around 500 acres left to plant and will get busy again just as soon as it dries up again.  The corn is at the stage where you can nearly sit and watch it grow and it has a beautiful deep green color.  The wheat is loosing or has lost it’s color and the heads are beginning to droop.  We will begin harvesting the wheat middle of this week.  Well that’s about it!  Enjoy the pictures and check back at the end of the week for wheat harvest pictures!!!






















Wheat Update


The wheat is growing and really greening up since it has been fertilized.  We also have most of it sprayed.  We were looking forward to saving a little money by using our new highboy to fertilize our wheat, but it just wouldn’t stop raining!  We hired an airplane to do it instead.  We got a lot of our wheat sprayed, but some was still to wet, so we will be calling the crop duster, again!  


All the kids had to take a ride in the “new to us”  highboy on it’s first run Friday. 


We also had a picnic in the field with daddy and took a moment for a few pictures in the wheat. 


Saturday was more spraying, and disking.  It finally got dry enough to to do a little field work, and last night we got another down pour.  Fortunately, with these longer, warmer, windier days, things dry up a little faster.  But until then, shop work…there is always shop work!


This is my favourite picture!



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