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Bean Update – August


It has been a while since I have posted a farm update!  I have been to busy to take pictures!  Luckily I had my camera with me yesterday while helping Don move fields!

The Soybeans are looking great.  God has really given us good rains all summer!  The last few weeks have been dry and we have started irrigating again, many fields for the first time this year!  Hopefully I’ll have some more crop pics up soon!  Enjoy…

















May Farm Update


The wheat is beautiful this time of year, especially in the breeze!  It is beginning to loose its green color in it’s heads, the stalks are still very green however.  We expect to be thrashing in about a month.


The above picture is bearded wheat, its what most people think of when they think of wheat.  Below is non-bearded wheat, I think the bearded is the prettiest!


Below is a picture of a water furrow in the wheat.


I know as a farmers wife I am not supposed to like thistles.  Don and I have this talk all the time!  I just can’t help to think of how beautiful they are this time of year,  not in the field or the yard…of course!!!


The corn is really growing in all this wet weather, most of it is 1 foot tall or taller.





We are in the process of planting the beans, in between rains, that is! 


Planter tracks.


As far as the house building goes…we have the foundation and plumming completed!!!!  It has been delayed due to weather as well, but we are not complaining.  As long as it is finished before the baby gets here, I am a happy woman! 




Done Thrasing Beans 2012

Our last load of beans for the season was hauled to Bunge Saturday night!  It is always such an awesome feeling to reach the culmination of a long hard season!  We still have a little to thrash for a neighbor after it dries up.  We got a big rain Sunday night!  It should only take us a day to finish though.  God really blessed our crops this year.  We didn’t get rain when we thought we needed it, and our crops looked pretty marginal all season….but he put on beans where we didn’t know there would be beans! He has always provided for our family even when there are short years, but this year He has really showed out.  Iv’e heard it said before, that out of every profession, farmers have to trust God the most.  It is so true!  We are about 75% irrigated, but irrigation is never as good as God’s rain.  When you get that fuel bill, boy, thats when you thank God for every drop of His FREE rain!  You can be the best steward of the ground you can be, research the best varieties of seed, fertilize, have good weed control, go by the book…and God still makes the crop.  We are blessed to have this life for our family and blessed that God meets our every need!  What a blessed hope that He is our helper, our comforter, our shield and buckler, our help in time of trouble, that He will never leave us or forsake us and most of all that he is our Redeemer, he has bought us with a great price, and one day He is coming back for us! Oh Glorious Day!  We can surely say, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”  Until then, we will work, for our needs and for His Glory and Honor!

Still Thrashin Beans!

The harvest is nearly complete! We are down to our last 4 days (if there are no breakdowns and no rain!!! The boys have been enjoying “skip days” of school and getting to spend all day with their daddy in the field. They really aren’t skip days, because they have to still make up their work the next day or on Saturday…but they enjoy them all the same. Our “little men” lay out their cover-alls and boots at night and get up before dawn to spend extra one on one time with daddy. They seem to have grown when they walk back in at night! Crops have turned out better than expected this year and the prices are great too. God has truly blessed this year and we are grateful that His eye is on the sparrow and He watches over us!

Soybean Harvest in Full Swing

We are not quite half finished with our bean harvest this year.  September and the first part of October was very rainy, but we have had a good week this time around. It’s beginning to lool like fall, It just dosen’t feel like it yet.  Yesterday was in the high 80′s.  We are expecting a cold front for the weekend though.  Yesterday the kids and I went to the field for some riding.  Don was thrashing our neighbors beans behind our house, so the kids got to play with his horses and cows too!  They are already asking this morning to go back.  “After School” I said. Hope you enjoy the pictures…


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