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11 Reasons Why No One Talks About Modesty PART TWO

Mother and Daughter by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Mother and Child by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


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Every child has to have a phone at age 7, they have to have to date at 13, and they have to have a brand new car of their choice sitting in the driveway on their 16th birthday.  Lets not even get into the college scene, where they have to go to the best party school, or the highest paid institution of their choice.  Parenting today is made so complex because every Momma and Daddy gets into the thinking that they have to provide more than every other parent.  This is sick.  What they are saying is “Lets compromise our daughters and sons integrity and innocence, for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses!”

So go ahead, trade in your daughters innocence, for her childlike friendship.  Don’t train her up like God tells you too, let her direct her own future.  Hopefully, without you, she will be saved one day and see the error of her ways.  Even then she will suffer the shame and regret of defrauding all those boys and men, and she will wonder why her momma let her.  That’s the best case scenario, I think you can imagine the worst.


Worldly sons of Adam will not give you a second look.  But is that a bad thing?  What type of man are you trying to attract?  The bait determines the fish.  It’s true that immature, perverted, shallow men are not going to be attracted to you if you aren’t providing a peep show,  your admirers will certainly be few.  I’m still wondering why this is a bad thing!  You’re wasting your time trying to appeal to men like this. God-honoring men want pure, virtuous ladies for wives. If you find yourself constantly seeking men’s approval or advances, you have your own list of problems you need to get settled. You can start by putting on more clothes and being less of a flirt,  God can help you with the rest.


As I said before, clothing is often a good indicator of spiritual condition.  The shallow, hidden depths of the soul, often show an even darker sin lurking.  Only an immature or ignorant Christian, a lost woman, or a spoiled Christian woman with obedience issues would say this.  Our clothes do not save us! But once saved, a lady would prefer a different walk.  She would seek to please God instead of seeking to cause her brothers to stumble.


Just because a certain preacher or church does not preach for modesty does not mean we must be silent, or that we can walk around naked! The Bible must be our guide and the Holy Spirit was given to us at our Salvation to help instruct us in Righteousness.  Many preachers today are walking on thin ice, trying their best not to offend anyone in their congregation.  They fear what man might do (cut their pay, leave the church, quit giving money or find another pastor) instead of fearing God.   They will have to answer to God one day for how they shepherded His church, and I’m sure fear and trembling will then be part of the equation.

It’s true that the Bible doesn’t give us an exact dress code to follow, but it does give us principles that we can and must apply to our individual situations.  Principles are often harder to apply than pen and ink rules, and just look at how we have trashed The Ten Commandments.  We are in trouble!


Where do we draw the line?  Where does it end?  What will God want me to do next?  I think these questions are the biggest fears of any Christian.  These are enough to keep people from getting saved in the first place.  People only want to go so far…they only want to give up so much.  I say crucify the flesh!  Lay down the garments of the world and pick up those befitting the Righteous!



As Christian we should remember that we are bought with a price and we are a Daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords.  We should seek to honor our Father in all we do, think, say and wear.  A lot is at stake, here, and it’s not just a reputation.  Boys and men are greatly affected by a woman (or girl) and what she has to wear.  It is our responsibility to protect our brothers in Christ and be an example for all the lost in our world.  We can dress modest and hold our heads up high, having peace that we are a virtuous maiden, worthy of a God honoring man, or we can choose to cave to the desires of the flesh and dishonor our heavenly Father.  I say…be set apart!  Live as if Christ’s blood is on your doorposts, and make Him not ashamed.

If these few words have been convicting to your heart…pray about it and see if the Holy Spirit won’t convict you of some of the things in your closet or your daughters.  Weed through those clothes…and by all means, don’t sell them or give them to someone else, throw them away, or better yet burn them!


11 Reasons Why No One Talks About Modesty PART ONE


The Knitting Woman by William Adolph Bougurereau


TO READ THE INTRO (Fashion on the Flesh) Click here.



What is modesty anyway?  It’s more than just dress, it’s also a way of thinking.  Our motives and attitude often spill over into our wardrobe, and our dress gives a glimpse into our heart.  Examine your wardrobe, what are you wearing now?  Do you look like a woman who exemplifies a Redeemed soul, snatched from the pits of Hell or do you look like a temptress that Satan is using to drag countless men to Hell.


I have scantily clad friends, as evidenced on Facebook, modestly dressed friends, and even friends who wear headcoverings.  The Church today is full of all kinds of Christians, at all levels of maturity.  Some are still babies, who wouldn’t think twice about taking their diaper off in public or pulling their dress over their heads.  Some Christians dress like spiritualy immature babies that need a lesson from their heavenly Father.  I do understand how difficult it is to approach people whom you really care about regarding their inappropriate dress.  Believe me it is for their own good, and one day when they are more spiritually minded they will be relieved that you cared enough to say something.


It is not legalistic to encourage Christians to heed God’s instructions.  Legalism is basing salvation on works, or the belief that we can add to our salvation by works. Legalism focuses on externals, not internals.  You can’t buy your way into heaven by your good works and obedience to the Lord, we are all just filthy rags.  Once we are Redeemed, however, we should begin acting…and dressing like it!


I was once told by a wise older woman that a Christian is to do EVERYTHING “as unto the Lord” (Col. 3:17)  This has been a blessing and a guiding verse in my life and it definitely can be applied to clothing! Women who think unbiblically about clothing are not going to naturally drift to more covering, they will drift to less.  Modesty is an issue, not just in the world, it has creeped into the church as evidenced by looking around any given Sunday morning.


Modesty does not have to mean you wear outdated, ugly clothing, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a garbage bag or a potato sack.  But then again, what if God asked you to dress like that.  What if he wanted your heart turned to service instead of the latest fashion trends.  What do you treasure…that is where your heart is, beware of covetousness!


Think about how these “fashion trends” got started anyway.  They are just another ploy by Satan to draw our hearts away from God and into the world. These “styles” are rooted in evil are invented by designers for money.  Sick women and perverted men design the latest fasion to degrade women and make little girls into promiscuous women who grow up thinking that all they are is a body and flesh.

The life of a Christian should be backward from the world.  In our culture today we can find fashionable modest clothing, very easily. But in the case that nothing fashionable and modest is available, a Redeemed woman will choose modesty…not the latest fashion trend.


Continue with us tomorrow for PART TWO of 11 Reasons Why No One Talks About Modesty.


Fashion of the Flesh



Picking Flowers by Daniel Ridgeway Knight


Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, I am continually bombarded by flesh.  Literally, flesh…skin, everywhere!  How is a mother to raise virtiuos daughters and innocent sons in this culture we live in.  I used to worry about summer time, (we live in the South) when clothes would start dropping off, but people seem content in running around half-naked in the dead of winter now.

  • We rid ourselves of broadcast TV and Satellite TV a while back to protect our sons and daughters.
  • We rid ourselves of movies we deemed inappropriate for children.  If they shouldn’t watch them, neither should we.
  • We homeschool, so as to protect their innocent minds and eyes while they are with peers.
  • When they are allowed in the grocery store, I quickly flip over all the magazines while in the check out line. (Although the back covers are sometimes just as bad)
  • We have a code word when we see indecency, which means eyes down or look at momma.
  • We never go to the beach in the summer.  Once we went in February and actually got to see it snow!
  • I am careful of what I wear, so as not to improperly influence my children or others.
  • Are young daughters always wear tights under their dresses.
  • We are careful as to what books and magazines come into our home.  (some get pitched before they even make it in)
  • We dress our girls and boys modestly.
  • We wear modest swimwear and the boys wear swim shirts with their shorts.
  • We often vacation during “the off season”.  This is also due to farming, but it has many advantages, like empty pools at motels and better rates.  We are also looking forward to family camp at FORT ROCK in a few weeks.

We are trying our best to raise up godly children for the glory of our Lord and Saviour, but it is very difficult in this world we live in.  Flesh is fashion, now a days.  Less seems to be more when it comes to the outfits people choose.  We must not forget in the book of Genesis, clothes were given us by God for a COVERING.  Many clothes today cover very little.  What is the most concern to me, is that this Fashion of the Flesh, appears not only to have taken over the world, but it has crept into the very pews of our churches.  The Redeemed dress no different from the world.  Mothers are dressing their adolescent children and buying for their teenagers clothing that would better be served at a strip club.  Is there any thought as to what our dress, or our daughters dress, does to men…and our brothers in Christ.   What are you teaching your daughters or better yet, what have you been taught?  Each generation degrades farther and farther and it’s because no one is talking about it.  Well, Lord help me, I’m going to talk about it!

Join us tomorrow for PART ONE of…

11 Reasons Why No One Talks About Modesty


Modest Swimsuits


It’s that time of year again!  Time to start thinking about swimsuits!  At our home we try our best to dress modestly, so as not to defraud our brothers.  In times past this was pretty easy, except for the swimming season.  I would always wear a t-shirt and shorts over my suit.  This worked but I still felt like a sloppy wet trash bag.  I am thankful that there are so many wonderful sites out there now where you can find suits for all levels of modesty that are also stylish.  It’s nice to be able to swim comfortably with your family without pulling at your suit or worrying about how quick you can cover up after you get out of the water.

The first suit I bought was from Simply Modest and I still love it! 

This summer I wanted to buy a second suit for maternity purposes, I suppose next summer I will be needing a suit with a nursing option…then I’ll be all set!  We also bought Jo Anna her first suit this year.  We opted to go with a small family business this year called Meant to be Modest.  The turn around was 3 weeks for a custom made suit to my measurements, with a little extra fullness in the belly, but you can have your order rushed for a small fee. Jo Anna picked out  a stock suit of her style and color choice.  They had the most reasonable prices for custom suits and we were very pleased with their work!


Here are some more modest swimsuit links…

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Happy Swimming!!!


Why The Farmer’s Wife Wears Skirts…


 1. To exemplify what a WOMAN should look like.

In today’s culture gender lines are so often blurred and even crossed, I choose to dress like a woman.  This is hard for a tomboy.

2. To show others it’s ok to be a WOMAN.

The feminism movement has destroyed beautiful womanhood.  Its a blessing to be a woman, wife and mother…and I intend to show that by being feminine.


3. To show my daughter’s and son’s what a WOMAN should look like.

Little ones watch their mommy and daddy closer than you think.  Little boys want to be just like dad and little girls wan’t to be just like mommy.  What will yours grow up to be?

4. My husband likes them.

My husband thinks I beautiful no matter what I wear (even grubby pajamas) but he appreciates me even more when I dress modestly and feminine.

5. God created them MALE and FEMALE.

By my dress and children’s dress, we intend to show the world the difference in male and female.

6. I want my countenance to be noticed first.

Men think with their eyes.  What they see is what they are thinking.  I want men and women to see a godly countenance when they see me…not flesh.  A good test is to look in the mirror and see what catches your eyes first.

7. I want my husband to have confidence.

I want my husband to know, that I belong to him alone.  I will not advertise for other men!

8. They are comfy!

Tight jeans are a stress in and of themselves.  To be modest in jeans you have to buy loose fitting ones, and take special care not to dry them (they will get tighter) and they look rather frumpy sometimes!  There are occasions to wear pants, especially since we farm…just try to wear a long shirt to cover your bum!

9. Skirts do not limit what you can do. (If you choose the right one)

Everything you do in pants you can do in a skirt.  Obviously you would need to choose a longer skirt, a more flowing skirt, one with out a huge split up the back, and you might need a pair of tights, but you can still do the same things!

10.  I wan’t people to see Jesus in me.

I’m not saying that you don’t have Jesus in your heart if you don’t wear skirts!  What I am saying is Jesus makes a difference in ones life…or at least He should.  I want people to see that I am different and when they ask I can say that Jesus made ALL the difference!

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