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Clara…Blessing Number Five

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Clara is a bundle of joy!  She was early to start talking and late to start walking, but it never slowed her down.  She babbled all the time like you were supposed to know just what she was saying when she was so tiny!  Now she is sure to keep your attention by “dancing” and her newest thing is to run and “jump” and then fall down, very ungracefully.  She is just like her big brother Eli and thinks it is her job to entertain us and make us laugh…we now have 2 class clowns.  She never has acted like the baby…she seems to think she is just a big as her biggest brother Lee, who is one of her best friends.  She is baby crazy, she spots baby pictures even on our toilet paper.  I’m sure we will have a hard time keeping her little fingers off the new baby, because she will think it is hers!



Clara Abigail…Blessing Number Five

With Clara we were blessed to use the same midwife we had used with Eli and were excited to have another wonderful pregnancy and birth!  Clara was due April 20th and she arrives on April Fools Day 2012!

Her delivery started a little unusual for me!  My water broke when I rolled over in bed at around 12:30 in the morning!  I was shocked!  I jumped out of bed, because I thought I had peed on myself and felt another gush and heard water hitting the floor.  I woke Don up and told him my water had broke.  He was still half asleep and didn’t really react.  I told him again and he shot out of bed! 

My contractions never really started, but he was fully dressed, shoes on, any way, so I rested on the couch and he in the recliner for a few more hours.  I went back to bed sometime in the night and at 8 am we called the midwife to tell her we thought my water had broken.  She said I better come in and check because the doctors would want me to deliver within 24 hours if it had.  She knew I didn’t want a C-section and that if contraction didn’t start soon, she had better start Pitocin. 

At 9:30 am I was dilated to 2 and 50% effaced, I walked some and then she started Pitocin at 10:55.  By 12:50 I was a 4 and 75% effaced.  At around 1 momma brought all the other kids in and we were able to visit a while, also some of the church family dropped in to visit.  All this happened on a Sunday.  I had joked the previous Wednesday night that I was going to play some good April Fools Day jokes on Sunday.  I hope they didn’t think Don was joking that Sunday morning when he called and said I was in labor! They all went to the waiting room a little while later and I was checked again at 4:40 and I was at 8cm. 

At 4:49 with 2 little pushes, I pulled little Clara out, just like I had Eli.  The midwife didn’t even have to ask me if I wanted too, I just did it!  No pain medicine!  I couldn’t believe it I actually did it!  With Clara we didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby till it was born.  After I pulled her out I almost forgot to look!  Everyone said WHAT IS IT!  So I lifted up her little leg and shouted, “It’s a Girl!”  Don couldn’t take his eyes off of her, he said she was so beautiful, he cut her cord, I nursed her and then wiped her off good.  I made 2 little hats, one pink and one blue, and told the kids that would be their clue to whether our baby was a girl or boy.  When they came in they saw the little pink hat and were so excited!  Eli just kept laughing at her, I think he was in shock!


5lbs 14 oz & 18 inches long!

Whats in a Name?

Clara was named after my Grandpa Clarence Cornish.  We really wanted to have a child named after him, as a tribute to what he means to us, and we wanted to be sure and do it while he was still on this earth with us!  Grandpa is a fine example of what a Christian Servant should be, he was a faithful Pastor for many years and continues to live out his faith daily.  He has been blessed to hold revivals in the Philippines and God had miraculously spared his life so many times.  He has written several books despite only having an elementary school education.  He is one of the hardest working men I know and he uses every opportunity he has to be a witness for the Lord.  He is the reason I wanted to marry a farmer, and I am so blessed that God called Don to preach too!


Grandma & Grandpa Cornish & Clara

Abigail came from the story of Abigail in the Bible.  I have always been impressed with her virtue and fortitude, despite her circumstances and can see how King David must have been impressed with her as well!

Eli…Blessing Number Four

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Eli was our first Quiver-full baby.  We call him that because after we had Jo Anna, God began working in our hearts and led us to trust our fertility to Him.  We had gone off of all forms of birth-control and trusted God to give us a child whenever He saw fit.  All of our other conceptions we “tried for” and our other births were “planned.”  This is harder said than done!  It was easy to go off all forms of birth-control, what wasn’t easy was not “trying” for a baby, not watching the calendar for those fertile days.  Lets just say, I sometimes failed, I took countless pregnancy tests, and I was always let down!  Questions ran through my mind like…God why aren’t you giving us a baby!  We said we would take one!!!!  Is this all He wants us to have?  Are we being tested?  Thankfully I have grown up a lot since then and these challenges, though they are still present sometimes, don’t have the same effect on me.  I can say that now I have truly learned to trust my Father and His will, and His timing!


Eli…Blessing Number Four

With Eli we had found a midwife that we really liked and had a really great pregnancy and birth story!  My due date with him was November 12th and he came a little early on October 21st, 2010.

I began having contractions that morning around 8am and went to my midwife’s office mat 10am.  I was only dilated to 2 1/2.  She told me to walk around a while and come back to the hospital if I kept having contractions.  We did and after we were admitted we walked the halls for about 45 minutes. 

She checked me at 2:30 and I was dilated to 4 and she broke my water.  At 3:10 I was at 6 cm dilated, at 3:35 I was 8 cm dilated.  I was doing pretty good until that point.  Before that I played Tetris (A game I’m famous for at the local hospital) all through contractions, but at that point I had to put it down to totally focus on relaxing during a contraction.  By 4:15 I was still 8 cm but contractions were increasingly becoming unbearable. 

By 5 I was laying on my side breathing through contractions, they took my total concentration, I was in transition and didn’t even know it.  I said I needed a shot!  I took it at 5:25 and rolled over and said OH, NO! the baby’s coming.  I was so afraid of  a repeat problem like Grady.  Once again, I never would have taken a narcotic so soon before my baby was to be born!  The shot, I guess due to adrenalin, never even made me feel crazy, and I began pushing.  That’s when the midwife did something I never expected and changed my wishes for birth ever since… 

…She asked me if I wanted to feel my baby’s hair!  I said “CAN I? ” So I did!  The next contraction I asked her if I could feel it again and she said sure!  It made birth so exciting!  Don was probably freaking out!  He had always cut the cord, but he didn’t want to participate any farther than that!  The midwife and I had previously joked about him “catching” the baby and he wanted no part of that either!!!  With the next push his head was out and she asked me something even more shocking…

…she said “do you want to deliver your baby?”  I said yes!  She had me push a little to get the arms out and I reached down and pulled little Eli out of my body with a little push.  It felt so strange his little legs knocking around in my body as I pulled him out!  and Don didn’t pass out!  It was such a special experience with our first quiver baby!  Don cut the cord while he was laying on my stomach and then cut my gown so I could begin nursing!  I vowed then and there to never use another Doctor again…a midwife was for us!


8lbs 13 oz 21 1/2 inches long!

What’s in a Name?

Elisha Jackson was named after Don’s granddaddy E.J. Northcutt.  We had just found out that E.J.’s daddy’s name was Elisha Coy, So that’s how we got his name and his initials.  The Jackson came from a man named Clifford Jackson who is accredited for helping Don to get started farming.  He was partners with Don’s dad in Cooter Farms and he helped get it arranged so Don Jr. could buy out his partnership.  Both men were hard headed and hard working business men and liked to be in charge, and that’s little Eli to a T.  He is a fun loving guy, but he likes things his way and he is definitely not afraid of a challenge.  Let’s just say, he is all boy!  Watch out world…here he comes, ready or not!




Grady…Blessing Number Two

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Grady is our little sunshine.  He was known for having a quick, hot little temper when he was a little guy, but he quickly outgrew that and now he’s just our giggly, smiling boy.  That little sunshine, now makes us happy…when skies are gray.  He is always so happy and he seems to smile all the time.  He really cares for people and loves animals too.  In his prayers at night, he never forgets to thank God for the animals He created.  Grady was also saved at a very young age.  We feel so blessed to have led our boys to the Lord in our own home, and we can’t wait to see what God will do in the life of our second born son, Grady.


Grady…Blessing Number Two

With Grady, as with Lee I had a little pre-labor.  I had on and off again contractions and finally thought this was it.  I was due October 12th and I went in to the hospital at 10 pm on Saturday August 15th.  My regular Doctor wasn’t there and they were a little afraid of me going into labor so early, so they gave me a rush of fluids and some medicine to stop my contractions.  I went home at 1am and was instructed to be on bed rest.  I went back to my Doctor on Monday and he took me off bed rest!  Thank God! and said he believed the baby was far enough along and whenever the baby decided to come, he would be happy to deliver him. 

On Tuesday, contractions started again and at 7:30 that night I went on in to the hospital.  At 1:30 that night, the Doctor came in and checked me and I was dilated to 5cm and effaced to 85%.  Since the baby was pretty low he decided to break my water.  Contractions got progressively stronger after that, an hour later they gave me Pitocin to speed things up…I’ll never understand the reasoning behind that one. 

I took a shot of pain medicine after the pit.  At 4:15 the nurse checked me and I was dilated to 6 and totally thinned out.  They upped my Pitocin again and I took another shot to be prepared for the increase in strength of contractions.  As she was giving me the shot, I told her the baby was coming, she kept giving me the shot and said she would check me in a minute…I guess she didn’t believe me.  At this point I had had 2 more contractions and was crazy because of the narcotics and I told her the baby is coming out!  She checked, I guess because she still didn’t believe me and said “you’re right!”  She got the Doctor and within 2 contractions he was there and I was pushing.  Grady took 3 whole pushes to get here and was born at 4:43 am.  I tore a little and was quickly stitched up while I waited to see my baby. 

Grady was having trouble breathing, I only saw him a second before they carried him to the nursery to check him out and give him oxygen.  I was a scared momma.  We didn’t get him back in the room for 4 hours.  It seemed like an eternity.  Don kept checking on him and we finally just told him we wanted our baby now! 

I had had trouble getting our first baby, Lee, to take on nursing because a nurse took him from me the night he was born and told me he was starving and needed a bottle.  Lee had been nursing fine until she gave him formula.  He was trouble to get nursing after that and we had to supplement him because he liked the ease of a bottle better, it was months before he was nursing with any consistency.  I was so scared Grady would be the same way since he was gone so long and I wasn’t able to nurse him right after birth.  I did a lot of praying and he didn’t have too much trouble.  He didn’t have very much formula at all, and I thank God he knew just what to do.  I now know that the shot I was given at the time of his birth was the reason for his breathing trouble.  What a horrible thing to realize that I was the cause of his breathing problems.  This was a very sobering thing for a momma, and I am so thankful to know that God was with Grady and that I have forgiveness for being so irresponsible with the gift He gave us.


 6lbs 14 oz & 20 inches long!


What’s in a Name?

Grady Heayron was named after Don’s great-uncle Grady Johnson, who died before he was born.  He and his wife, Stella had no children, and Stella was like a second mother to Don’s momma, and like another grandma to him.  He was a fine Christian man and husband and even though he was plagued with health problems he remained faithful in going to church.  The men would carry his wheelchair up the steps until he was totally bed-ridden.

Grady’s middle name Heayron came from my great-grandpa Wesley Heayron.  I have fond memories of going to his house when I was little and sitting with him on his porch swing.  He always had an old dog beside him, overalls on, and a pipe in his mouth, watching the chickens running around the yard.  He was a man of few words, like Grady.  It’s also no surprise Grady also has a love for animals and his favorite thing to wear is over-alls.



Lee…Blessing Number One

Its Baby Week!  If you are just joining Our Family’s Story, you can check our last weeks intro here.

 First things first…that means our first birth! lee 2012

Lee has done a lot of growing in his 8 short years and he is a fine young man.  We have so enjoyed teaching him in the ways of our Lord and are so blessed he accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour at the young age of 4.  We can’t wait to see what God will do in his life…but lets start at the beginning first!

Lee…Blessing Number One

My due date was October 29th, but lets just say he had a mind of his own and he decided to come October 13, 2005, instead!  I had a week of false labor, random contractions and a lot of anticipation and anxiousness!  On October 13 at 2 am things began to change.  That night we started to town to be closer to the hospital and actually slept on an air mattress at mom and dads.  We were anxious…remember!  Sometime in the night I was awakened again to contractions and I sat on the couch and timed them awhile while Don snored.  I woke him up and a little while later we were off to the hospital, a whole 3 minute drive! 

When we got there they did all the usual things, hooked me up to all kinds of things like a cancer patient.  Then my labor stopped.  Instead of suggesting to my doctor about going home, I was a good patient and allowed them to start me on Pitocin during the night, and to break my water at 3 the next afternoon.  We were young and very un-informed and allowed a host of interventions, but God was with us and fortunately things progressed and there was no C-section!

I quickly progressed and went from 4cm dilated to a full 10 in 30 minutes.  The doc had checked me at  4:30 and went home for supper.  At 5 min till 5:00, I told Don to get a nurse!  I was ready to push…they called the doctor and told me not to push.  I remember thinking, how could I not push!  They kept saying just bare down, I thought what the heck is that!  That baby was coming out of me whether I pushed or not!

At 5:05 I began pushing and at 5:28 Lee was placed in my arms!  I was so excited to be pushing I was talking in between contractions and I actually took Lee’s first picture just a second after he was pulled out of me!  There had been no time for an epidural, and I had earlier received 2 shots for pain, the other kick in the pants was an episiotomy and tear due to the episiotomy, which was not necessary and without consent.  Through it all I had a beautiful baby boy and we were so happy!


Lee Tims October 13, 2005

Lee’s first picture taken by mommy

7lbs 15oz, 20 3/4 inches long

What’s in a name?

Lee was named for a very special person in our life.  The first Lee Roy Tims with whom everyone, and I mean everyone, affectionately called “Grandpa” was in fact Don’s grandpa.  He was killed the October before in a tornado that destroyed his home, Don’s dad’s home and our farm shop.  Lee was born just a few days shy of the one year anniversary of grandpa going to heaven.  Grandpa was one of the finest me you will ever meet.  He had integrity, honesty, valor, and love, and you felt it when you were with him.  He was a hard working man, a veteran of WWII, a cancer survivor and drove a tractor 2 days before his death at 86 years old.  He was a deacon and long time Sunday school superintendent,  he would want everyone to know that out of all his accomplishments his choice to make Jesus his Saviour and living His life for him was his best decision.  Lee couldn’t have a better name, or a better name to live up too!

Don Tims0018

 Lee Roy Tims & Don Tims Sr.

Our Story…

We have had a few births in our family!  At the time of writing this we have marked 5 of those memorable occasions at the hospital, and any day now are looking forward to our 6th baby’s arrival at home…our first home birth!  So here I am 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant, sitting on an exercise ball, doing pelvic circles, drinking raspberry tea, and blogging…waiting on this new blessing to decide to arrive!  I thought a week or two of baby stories would be fitting to mark this special occasion!  For those of you who don’t know us or our story, I thought I would take a little time to let you in on how God has led 2 only children into receiving all the blessings (children) He would entrust to us.


First, Our Story…me and the Farmer.

We met in 2001 on a blind date, funny huh!  My family had an extra Cardinal’s baseball ticket and all my friends were out of town.  I had been working at a local Christian Bookstore for around 8 months, and my boss (Don’s Pastor’s wife) had recalled that I had once said very confidently that I was going to marry a farmer (even though I didn’t know any).  So she took the opportunity to remind me what I had said, and that she knew just the farmer!  She proceeded to make the necessary arrangements of number swapping to get the two of us together on the time and details of the game.  And I waited for a call.  I was not going to call the boy first!  Finally Sunday afternoon he called.  I remember being intrigued by his voice and thinking, boy I could listen to this voice for the rest of my life!  The first time I saw him, he was standing on my parents doorstep, hands in his blue jean pockets, with a Don Medlin’s hat and a burgundy t-shirt on with black lab puppies on it.  Coincidentally this is the same shirt he was wearing the day our first son, Lee was born!  I remember thinking he was very cute, and very shy.  This blind date was a big stretch for both of us.  Everyone knows how shy Don is and everyone just assumes that because I seem to be outgoing and giggly that I am not, well I am, the silliness is a cover!  Needless to say we were both out of our comfort zones when we climbed in to the back seat of my mom and dad’s 2 door grand prix on August 1st, 2001, to ride with them all the way to St. Louis, the Lord was in it all!  I knew Don was the one for me just a few minutes into the drive.  My dad asked Don if he was comfortable, if he needed to adjust the air.  Without answering, Don looked at me and said, “are you alright?”  He actually thought of me first!  He was already taking care of me!  We talked all the way there and all the way back.  He really fit in with the family and it mom and dad really liked him a lot.

A few more dates and he asked me to marry him!  I couldn’t believe it! within 7 months of our first meeting we were married at Number Nine Baptist Church and real living began!  We used birth control pills to prevent life.  That’s what everyone suggested.  We heard things like

-ya’ll are too young (I was only 18 at the time).

-you need to take time and get to know each other first.

-you don’t have enough money.

-babies make things harder.


and we were convinced that we should save money, build our first dream home…because we never be able to after those expensive kids got in the way.  So we prevented children until I just couldn’t take it any more.  We began to pray about a family.  Looking back this is funny, because some things are explicit in God’s Word, there is no need to pray, only to obey!  We, notice I say we, decided that in a few months we, notice again we, would begin to try.  Don was called to preach a few years into our marriage and we soon found ourselves expecting our first child and him pastoring a small country church along with farming.  We did the typical birth control that everyone tells you to do after that first baby, we listened to the world again.

-you need to think about your health.

-you need to space out those babies to make it easier.

-having a baby is a big adjustment, you need to wait.

-you don’t have that house yet, your not working, how will you afford another one.


So we waited, prayed, and had our second son 23 months after our first was born.  Praise God we didn’t wait any longer!  More Pills, more prevention, them God began to slowly peel the world’s scales off our eyes, He began showing us children are a blessing, that He is in control, He began to speak to our hearts about being called out, set apart, and we started looking at homeschooling.  Big adventures and trials of faith were just around the corner.  It was an exciting time in our life!

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And look out for Baby Week…our children’s birth stories and why we chose a homebirth for baby 6!


God has led our family in many places and carried us farther than we could ever have imagined. We continue on the journey and look forward to all the places he will take us!  It is an exciting life when you are walking with the Lord!


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