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Big Springs

Since our house building is drawing to a close, we had to head back up to Van Buren to Crafton’s to pick out our finishing touches.  The kids don’t always enjoy the 2 1/2 hour drive so much, but this time we had a few ideas to make it more fun.  For starters we ate lunch at the Jolly Cone.   They have been in business since the early 50′s and have picnic tables to eat on outside.  The kids really enjoyed that, but they especially enjoyed their vanilla cone afterwards.  We then went to Crafton’s and picked out our tile, stone, paint, cabinets and doors.  Then it was time for the real surprise…Daddy carried us to Big Spring.  It is a State Park located 4 miles outside of Van Buren.  We noticed they also have cabin rentals (Those beautiful State Cabins built by the CCC) and we will be making plans to return and rent one!


The water is the most beautiful color!


 Jo Anna


 Eli (Above)  Lee (Below)



Grady (Above)  The farmer & Clara (Below)



 The new baby, The farmers wife, Jo & Eli


 The whole crew



Backyard Skeet Club




A week ago we bought a skeet thrower with dad.  He and Don have always enjoyed shooting Skeet and Trap together with a local club, but Don dosen’t get to go much due to farming.  They had the great idea of buying a machine and boy have we enjoyed it!  We are blessed to have a very big back yard (a couple of wheat fields, and several bean fields wide) and no neighbors to be alarmed!  



Dosen’t Eli look cute in his ear protection…he thought he was as big as the rest of the kids!


I even had to get in on the action.  I think I have found a new hobby!



The big kids enjoyed taking turns “pulling” for us.




We are blessed to have a firearms instructer in the family.  This is Lee’s first time shooting his 410.  He did a great job and even hit the clay target on his second try.


Jo Anna shooting her big brother’s BB gun for the first time.


Grady getting in a little target practice with his BB gun.


We had a great time and are looking forward to more backyard skeet adventures with the family!


Funny Things Kids Say


The Devil’s Momma

Jo Anna asked me if the Devil had a momma.  I told her no, that he was created by God like Adam and Eve and the Angels.   She responded, “Well if he did, he would be disobedient to his momma!”

Rottenness in the Bones

Lee and Jo Anna were having an argument the other day, I don’t even remember what it was over.  I just heard the tail end of their conversation.  Lee told her that she wasn’t very nice and no one would wan’t to marry her.  She said, “oh, yes they will!”  Lee topped it all off by saying, “If you do you’ll be rottenness in their bones.”  (we have been going through Proverbs in our Bible time)

The Diamond Room

Jo Anna drew a picture of a castle and said, “Look momma, me, you and Clara are in the diamond room.”  I asked her if that’s where we keep all our diamonds.  She said, “No that’s where we eat!”

The Twins

The kids are all excited about the new baby and just know I’m having Twins.  (I guess because they want a boy and a girl)  They were trying to convince me that twins would be just as easy as one baby.  Lee added, “Yeah, you could feed them both at the same time…out of both sides!”

He Keeps Waiting!

We were at Mom and Dad’s house the other day and Jo Anna came in the living room and exclaimed…”Eli keeps waiting, and I want to wait!”  I told her that it was a good thing to be patient and wait.  She just kept shouting the same thing, so I though I’d better take a look.  When I went in the kitchen too see what the fuss was all about, I saw Eli standing on the scales WEIGHING himself.  So then I turned to Jo Anna and said “You will have to WAIT to WEIGH!”

Lazarus or Jesus

Jo Anna and Grady were coloring pictures out of a Bible coloring book and Jo Anna came across a picture she had a question about.  She asked Grady, “Is this Jesus or Lasarus that is ruzin from the grave?’

Backwards Momma

Lee has been noticing some odd behaviours in me since I’m pregnant again. He came in the kitchen the other day and saw me noticibly sick and eating cheese cubes. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was eating so I wouldn’t throw up. He said, “Your backwards…I eat then I throw up!”

And Eli Said….

Amenamenamenamenamenamenamenamneamenamnemaenamen-Amen. (this is how he prays…we are working on it!)


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