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A Letter for my daughters…



In the 19th century, the Rev. Legh Richmond composed a letter to his daughters.  We believe this should be emmulated by our daughters and we are pleased to pass this along…

Dear Daughters,

With a heart full of affection, I sit down to express a few sentiments and intimations of my wishes, as connected with your conduct. Keep them constantly with you, and let them be read over, at least once a week. May God render them useful to you!

AMUSEMENTS. (Plays, balls, concerts, cards, dances, etc., etc.)

Serious, consistent Christians, must resist these things, because the dangerous spirit of the world and the flesh is in them all. They are the ‘pomps and vanities of this wicked world,’ so solemnly renounced by God. To be conformed to these seductive and more than frivolous scenes–is to be conformed to this world, and opposed to the character and precepts of Christ. Those who see no harm in these things–are spiritually blind; and those who will not hear admonition against them–are spiritually deaf. Shun, my dear girls, the pleasures of sin–and seek those pleasures which are at God’s right hand for evermore. You cannot love both!


The characters of people, are speedily discerned by their choice of books. I trust that you will never sacrifice time, affection, or attention to novels. Do not be ashamed of having never read the fashionable books and novels of the day. A Christian has no time, and should have no inclination for any reading which has no real tendency to improve the heart. There are too many valuable books on a variety of worthy subjects, which ought to be read–to allow for time to be dedicated to unwholesome and useless ones!


Shun all the wretched foolishness and corruption–of light, silly, and amorous songs; on the same principle that you would shun books of the same nature. Sacred music is the true refuge of the Christian. I wish your ears, your hearts, and your tongues were often tuned to such melodies. The play-house, the opera, and the concert-hall–have deluged our society with perversions of the heavenly art of music. Music was designed to lead the soul to heaven–but the depravity of man has greatly corrupted God’s merciful design for music.


Aim at great neatness and simplicity. Shun finery and show. Do not be in haste to follow new fashions. Remember, that with regard to dress–that Christians ought to be decidedly plainer, and less showy than the people of the world. I wish it to be said of my daughters, “With what evident and befitting simplicity, are the daughters of Mr. Richmond attired.


Raising Feminine Girls….or Feminists

 tea party

The world has been successful at demeaning true femininity.  When you hear the word feminine, somehow the words weak, silly, naive, and childish also come to mind.  I can drive a tractor, I can work just as hard as most men (most stay at home mom’s do) and I can do it all in a skirt and makeup.  This makes me neither silly or weak. I can stand behind my man and I don’t have to try to talk over him or be the center of attention.  This dosen’t make me weak or childish.  I agree that a woman can do most things men can do, and some things better. However, God designed men and women for separate and distinct purposes. Only when we fulfill our God designed place in marriage will our life be harmonious.  Being a woman is hard work.  Having 2 and three in diapers, being on call all hours of the night, teaching multiple grades at home, cleaning noses and puke, child training, keeping dinner on the table and clean clothes to wear, all while not taking you little ones for granted is tough.  There is nothing better I had rather do.  I love being a woman, I love being a wife, an a mother.  I love being under my husbands leadership and protection.  I love giving birth and I love being my children’s guide in their young life.  I wan’t my little girls to love the same things!  We want to encourage our little girls to celebrate girlhood, womanhood and one day motherhood. We want to raise strong women in the Word,who know how to be encouragers and know just when to be silent. Silence is strength, self-control is a rare jewel, and a woman who serves the Lord is as priceless as a ruby.

How to raise a Feminine little Girl…
  • Model before them the kind of mother you desire them to be.
  • Let them know that they are first, not the housework. If the house needs cleaning…teach them to help. Don’t be discouraged When they don’t “help” right. Encourage them while they are developing their “skills”.
  • Play dolls with them, tell them what a good mommy they will be some day.
  • Never let them play with Barbies.
  • Encourage modesty.
  • Let their hair grow!
  • Let them wear dresses, even in the mud!
  • Carry them shopping and encourage frugality.
  • Surround them with godly women.
  • Encourage them to be strong in the Lord, but also submissive.
  • Let her brothers “help” her when something is hard to do. This will also teach the boys to be manly!
  • Admire her daddy, speak well of him, and show her how much you are in love.
  • Let her know that only Christ can make her feel fulfilled.
  • Let her know just how much you love being her mommy.


How to raise a feminist…


  • Train her to be a successful businesswoman, prepare her to compete equally.
  • Teach her to balance the workday with hobbies and interests making her socially and personally fulfilled.
  •  Train her to be a social expert — plan, schedule, and participate in business, children’s educational,and personal social activities, etc.
  • Don’t have time for her, be busy doing you own thing.  Take care of yourself, go exercise or get that manicure and leave her at home.
  • Encourage her to do whatever she wants, don’t let her seek the Lords will for her life.
  • Teach her to be self-serving and self-centered.
  • Surround her with “Hillary Clinton” types.
  • Tell her to be fulfilled with a career…husband can come later…children much later, if she even wants any.
  • Mothers, appear to be unsatisfied with life as a mom and wife.
  • Teach her to always get her way, never let her show submissiveness.
  • Let her keep that toddler “me first” attitude.
  • Tell her she can whip ANY boy, and let her try.
  • Never alow a man or big brother to hold open a door for her, teach her to open it for herself.


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