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How tall am I momma?


I have been wanting to make a giant ruler for a couple of years now.  I first saw one at a friends house, and I just never had the time to make one.  This week the time had finally come!  I think its cute, don’t you?  The kids sure love it.  At least once a day I hear, “how tall am I momma?”


Here’s how you make it…


1 6ft by 8 inch board

Stain or paint (possibly mineral oil)

Old rag

Sander or sandpaper

Polyurethane, if you are staining (I used it in spray can form)

House numbers 1-6


Permanent Marker



  1. Sand your board and wipe it clean. I sanded the sides and corners too, to round them off and give it a more aged look.
  2. I stained mine first with a mix of Early American color stain (1 part) to 2 parts Mineral oil.
  3. I let it dry a little then wiped on a stain color called weathered gray.  I did this sparingly, so the stain would show through.
  4. After this all dries a few hours I sanded the edged to give it a worn appearance.
  5. Now you need your ruler and permanent marker.  Since your giant ruler is going to be off the ground you need to start at the 1/2 foot mark and go to 6 1/2 feet.  (It helps to lay out your lines with pencil first!) If you mess up, just sand it and start over, no biggie!
  6. After it has dried a few more hours spray it with polyurethane.
  7. Put on your house numbers and hang it on the wall!  you can always write the numbers  for a cheaper option, I just liked the 3-D look of the house numbers.


Kids Garden 2014


We love to garden and there is nothing better than opening up a mason jar in the middle of winter and enjoying bounty of summer.  We are so glad to have moved by our shop and have an expanded garden.


The other day I was reading in our Baker Creek Seed catalogue and I was excited to see that the owner was sharing that his momma encouraged him in gardening and gave him his own garden spot.  I don’t know why this idea escaped me!  We have always included them in the family’s garden, but giving them their own was a foreign concept.




Since Don was in the field, I talked it over with the kids and they were excited at the idea.  That morning after I tilled our garden, I tilled 4 smaller gardens for the big kids and we went to get some plants and seeds.


I purchased a set of small tools for them to use along with their hoe’s we purchased for them last year.


They all picked out a tomato plant.  Lee – Arkansas Traveler, Grady – Cherry Grape, Jo Anna – Pink Brandywine, and Eli – Jet Star (Because it was an airplane and it was orange, his favorite color!)


They all also picked out peppers and several seeds.  Pumpkins, Carrots, corn, watermelons and cantaloupes were among their favorites.



Eli REALLY, REALLY likes corn!


Clara doesn’t have her own garden yet, but she enjoyed watching.  We thought it was important for them to be big enough to take care of it on their own.  They will be totally responsible for weeding, watering, harvesting and preserving their bounty.


We are still awaiting the arrival of their tiny sprouts.  They have been watching every day, and so far…no weeds!  I am really proud of them!



Baby Week!


Its here!  A week an a half of Birth Stories!  I just love reading birth stories, and when we had a TV, I enjoyed watching Birth Stories on TLC!  Lets just say I love all things baby,  I even had several subscriptions to baby and parenting magazines years before we had any children. I have since come to my senses about the magazines and do not accept their worldly philosophies!  The only training manual you really need is a good King James Bible.  Of course I always anxiously await each new edition of the Above Rubies Magazine.  You can start your FREE subscription here.

Back to babies…If you haven’t read Our Story…click here first.

If you have already, check out these posts!

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Announcing Our Newest Blessing…

Why we chose a Home Birth Part 1

Why we chose a Home Birth Part 2

We are trusting God for our Life, for our Provisions, and for our Blessings (children)!  He always Preserves and He always Provides. We are looking forward to many more children, His number and His timing!  God always knows best!

baby in womb

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. Psalm 127:4-5

And… Just in case you are wondering, baby #6 hasn’t arrived yet!  Yes, my due date was yesterday.  Yes, I’m tired, yes, I’m ready to hold this little one in my arms.  Apparently God is still working on my patience…I hope I’m a fast learner! :)

Sunflowers and Kids

We planted sunflowers in one of our bean fields a few months ago.  We all sat in the back of The Farmers truck and threw them out as we were driving slowly.  The kids really loved sowing sunflowers in the wind.  We had no idea what a beautiful field it would turn out to be.  Sunflowers are my favourite flower.  I really think God out did Himself with the creation of the sunflower…and our beautiful babies who are growing nearly as fast.


Lee is our oldest blessing at 7 years old and is beginning 3rd grade at home (The Narrow Way Learning Academy) :)


Grady is our second blessing from God and he is 5 and will be beginning 1st grade at home this fall.


Jo Anna is our third blessing and is 3 years old.  She will start her first year of homeschool (Pre-K) very soon!


Eli is two years old and our fourth blessing and he is the entertainment for the busy homeschoolers.  Although he thinks he is as big as the rest…he will just have pretend school this year!


Little Clara Abigail is our 5th blessing and she is almost a year and a half.  Let’s just call her our mascot!


Our Family of 5 Blessings that will soon number 6.  We can’t hardly wait to see what the Lord has in store for us…and for His children.



Special Boxes


Everyone is always so concerned about our children…

  • How do theyone on one get enough  time with you?
  • Why do they have so much responsibility?
  • Isn’t it unfair how you have to spread out your love?
  • What about the kids privacy when they have to share so much?
  • What about their personal identity?

What everyone is saying is why don’t you just have one child…like me!  Well, I think part of what’s wrong in our culture and country is that for too long we have had a lot of spoiled “only children”  running around!  I can say this, because I am a member of the club.  I am still learning how to share my toys.  Having a house full of children under 8 and homeschooling have been an awesome teacher!

Privacy is at stake in our home and we do feel like it is important for our older kiddos (say 5 and up) to have a secret place to put their special things, tucked away from the “littles” and a Momma who is quick to throw away things with intrinsic value.  So we have invented the SPECIAL BOX.

We make a big deal about their SPECIAL BOX when it’s their time to go looking for one.  We try to find old luggage that has straps or compartments inside or even something magnetic so they can tack things to their lid.  The little ones know just how special these boxes are and never bother them.  They too are looking forward to having a SPECIAL BOX one day and will not want others digging through their things.  Lee found a red piece of luggage at an Antique store a few years ago, red is his favorite color.  When it came Grady’s turn for a box…he requested a zebra one, try finding that.  With a little creativity we turned an old tool box from the 70′s into a zebra box with just a little spray paint.


It’s really no secret what’s in their box, they love showing us and their family what they deem SPECIAL, but the things inside are “hands off” unless they are showing them.  Its very interesting what they deem special, these boxes have become a window into their world that we are greatful to have.

Although Jo Anna won’t get her box for a few years, she has already requested a pink princess one!


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