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A Plumbing We Wil Go…


Last week we took advantage of the dry, HOT, weather and did a little dirt work at our new home-place.  We spread out the dirt, completed our circle drive around our house, did some mowing…and since we weren’t tired yet, we rented a trencher and laid pipe for 2 outdoor faucets.  Don joked that next time we would just let all the kids dig the trench and he could save that money.  We quickly added pay for the labor, and realized it would still be cheaper to rent the trencher…and simply hire the kids to do the work!


Don recently bought some gardening equipment for the kids, so the big boys could help chopping beans.  They put them to good use filling the trench back up.  We are thankful for hard working kids who jump right in, no matter the task! (With no complaining either!) :)


One of the best things parents can teach their kids is the value of hard work.  No matter what their size or what the skill is to be learned, they will glean lifelong lessons and learn to appreciate a job well done. Little ones love to feel just as needed as their big brothers and sisters and everyone has a valued place in the family!

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.
Proverbs 20:11



Eli and Daddy.


Another job well done…time for baths, Bible time, and bed!

This wasn’t the end of the work adventure for the big boys last week!  They also helped their Daddy move a pivot and helped their momma sew grass seed and water our “dirt” yard.  I think they had rather work for daddy though…he pays them! :)


Cool – It!


Cool-it is a method we have developed within our family to aid in child training and we thought it might be good to share.  Self-control is one of those things we could all use a little more of and it is something that is easier to learn as a child than an adult.  We have several degrees of child training, depending on the age and offence, but one the earliest things we implement is Cool-it.  Even a young child can learn to sit still and calm themselves, before getting up and playing again.  Cool-it isn’t punishment itself, it is to help ward off other disciplinary actions before they are ever needed.

It is easy to spot when your child is about to get unruly or excessively loud or boisterous, that’s when we implement Cool-it.  When we see things beginning to unravel we place the child in a seat somewhere, and tell them they are in “Cool-it”.  We let them know that when they have rested for a few minutes and are quiet and still we will let them up again.  It depends on the child how long they sit, and they quickly learn this.  They know if they calm quickly and are quiet and still, the quicker they can go back to playing.  They are to understand that Cool-it is not punishment.  Unlike “Time Out”  they can play quietly or have a special toy or blanket, so long as they are at rest.  Time-Out is the next degree of punishment for a minor offence, the rules are the same for time out, except they are more isolated and can’t have a toy.  Cool-it on the other hand is just a simple diversion from the trouble they were about to get into, hopefully when they get up they won’t remember what they were doing before.  Cool-it also teaches them to manage their own emotions, and to be able to calm themselves in a frustrating situation.  It gives them opportunity to choose to do what is right and to think about things for a little while.  None of our kids ever fret about sitting in Cool-it, but they sure don’t like a Time-out, it’s all in how it is presented!


Raising Feminine Girls….or Feminists

 tea party

The world has been successful at demeaning true femininity.  When you hear the word feminine, somehow the words weak, silly, naive, and childish also come to mind.  I can drive a tractor, I can work just as hard as most men (most stay at home mom’s do) and I can do it all in a skirt and makeup.  This makes me neither silly or weak. I can stand behind my man and I don’t have to try to talk over him or be the center of attention.  This dosen’t make me weak or childish.  I agree that a woman can do most things men can do, and some things better. However, God designed men and women for separate and distinct purposes. Only when we fulfill our God designed place in marriage will our life be harmonious.  Being a woman is hard work.  Having 2 and three in diapers, being on call all hours of the night, teaching multiple grades at home, cleaning noses and puke, child training, keeping dinner on the table and clean clothes to wear, all while not taking you little ones for granted is tough.  There is nothing better I had rather do.  I love being a woman, I love being a wife, an a mother.  I love being under my husbands leadership and protection.  I love giving birth and I love being my children’s guide in their young life.  I wan’t my little girls to love the same things!  We want to encourage our little girls to celebrate girlhood, womanhood and one day motherhood. We want to raise strong women in the Word,who know how to be encouragers and know just when to be silent. Silence is strength, self-control is a rare jewel, and a woman who serves the Lord is as priceless as a ruby.

How to raise a Feminine little Girl…
  • Model before them the kind of mother you desire them to be.
  • Let them know that they are first, not the housework. If the house needs cleaning…teach them to help. Don’t be discouraged When they don’t “help” right. Encourage them while they are developing their “skills”.
  • Play dolls with them, tell them what a good mommy they will be some day.
  • Never let them play with Barbies.
  • Encourage modesty.
  • Let their hair grow!
  • Let them wear dresses, even in the mud!
  • Carry them shopping and encourage frugality.
  • Surround them with godly women.
  • Encourage them to be strong in the Lord, but also submissive.
  • Let her brothers “help” her when something is hard to do. This will also teach the boys to be manly!
  • Admire her daddy, speak well of him, and show her how much you are in love.
  • Let her know that only Christ can make her feel fulfilled.
  • Let her know just how much you love being her mommy.


How to raise a feminist…


  • Train her to be a successful businesswoman, prepare her to compete equally.
  • Teach her to balance the workday with hobbies and interests making her socially and personally fulfilled.
  •  Train her to be a social expert — plan, schedule, and participate in business, children’s educational,and personal social activities, etc.
  • Don’t have time for her, be busy doing you own thing.  Take care of yourself, go exercise or get that manicure and leave her at home.
  • Encourage her to do whatever she wants, don’t let her seek the Lords will for her life.
  • Teach her to be self-serving and self-centered.
  • Surround her with “Hillary Clinton” types.
  • Tell her to be fulfilled with a career…husband can come later…children much later, if she even wants any.
  • Mothers, appear to be unsatisfied with life as a mom and wife.
  • Teach her to always get her way, never let her show submissiveness.
  • Let her keep that toddler “me first” attitude.
  • Tell her she can whip ANY boy, and let her try.
  • Never alow a man or big brother to hold open a door for her, teach her to open it for herself.


How to get INSTANT OBEDIENCE, & Why it is Important


A Better View by ShirleyReade

A child is playing ball with his brothers and sisters in the yard.  Mom is casually watching as she reads the paper.  Little Jimmy knocks the ball into the street and his 2 year old sister Sally runs out to get it.  Just as Sally reached the curb, mom notices her little girl and the 18 wheeler barreling down the road,and yells “STOP, SALLY!”  If this little girl is trained to obey instantly…her life will be spared.  If  instant obedience dosen’t matter so much to her parents, Sally would be dead.

You may not think instant obedience is important, but it is.  It is just as important as obedience.  The Bible tells us we should be instant! Paul told Timothy to be instant to preach…

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. 2 Timothy 4:2

Romans 12:12 says we should be instant in prayer…

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer

A year or two ago, our child training came to a test.  I had just finished mowing the lawn and I was out spraying our ditch.  I turned around and noticed Lee and Grady running toward me.  Between us I noticed a large black stick.  Suddenly, the Lord put the thought in my mind (I just mowed, there wasn’t any stick there…and this was a large one!)  I screamed “SSSSSTTTTTTTTTOOOOOPPPPPP!, Snake!  Get in the House!”  My little ones stopped, turned around and ran in the house.  I ran over the snake with the lawn mower, a funny story for another time, and went in the house and commended them on obeying instantly!  It was just a king snake, but it could have been a cotton mouth. 

Instant obedience is important for safety, but it is also important for life.  We want our kids to be respectful of others in authority over them.  No one likes to ask someone to do something over and over again.  No one likes to ask someone to do something and they do the opposite, or do what they want to, or delay doing the task ahead of them.  We run a business, and we have had workers like this quite often.  We don’t want our kids to be thought of like we have thought of these workers.  We don’t wan’t our kids to be undisciplined bosses.  We intend on training them to obey instantly and to enjoy serving.  Complaining when obeying, is not satisfactory!  Delayed obedience is dis-obedience.

How we train…

  • There are inner rewards and parental commendations when they do the right thing.
  • Initiative is rewarded as well (sometimes we don’t even have to ask them to do a task!)
  • Consequences happen when there is fretting or delayed obedience.


The kids like to play this…and it teaches manners, too!  You can even teach colors or use this method to put things away instead of finding things.

Have all the kids gather around.  Name a child and tell them to go find something red (or an object)

They should respond “Yes Mam, I’d be happy too” and then go fetch the item.

When they return everyone should praise them.

Move on to the next kid as they return their found item.



Boys Will Be Boys…If You Let Them Be!


We are honored that God would see fit to bless us with three  little guys, and counting, to mold and shape to one day become soldiers for our Lord.

We embrace their “boyhood”.  My husband and I get tickled when they get all stirred up.  Boys should be allowed to be boys, to wrestle, to jump in the water puddle, to get muddy when they are exploring, to make and be creative with their hands.  Every day we fight a battle with a world that  is feminizing our little boys and teaching little girls to be more masculine.


We should praise their daddy in front of them and seek out and share his manly traits with them.  I often share with the boys and girls when I can’t open something.  I say, “I’ll have to wait till daddy gets home to open this one!”  I tell the boys all the time that they need to finish eating their protine so they can be big and strong like Daddy. Little boys naturally want to be just like their dad. I often ask them, “Can you please help me move this laundry basket or carry this? I need somebody big and strong to help me ” Little boys just naturally want to be manly.  When Lee was little he refused wearing shorts.  I had just bought him a new pair and I asked him why he wouldn’t wear them.  He said “Men don’t wear shorts.”  He was referring to his daddy, of course.  I didn’t complain about money lost, I went out and got my little man pants!  Teach them that ladies go first, teach them to hold open the door.

Not only do I wan’t my boys to have a picture of a man, I also want my boys to have a clear picture of a feminine woman. I want them to see growing up that a woman can embrace femininity and enjoy it. There is clear gender distinction in our home. Their dad is the bread winner while their mom is the bread baker.  Daddy also wears the pants, figuratively and literally.

A wife should never demean her husband or talk badly about him to our children or in front of our children. I have heard lots of women complaining to their kids about their father. This is a definite way to go to get your kids to disrespect him and not want to be like him. Kids will learn as they get older that Mama and Daddy are not perfect; we don’t need to point out these imperfections to their little minds.

Wearing modest dresses and skirts around our my boys is giving them a physical picture of a feminine woman. I can be feminine in a pair of pants, but I don’t know anyone who will argue that a woman looks more feminine and tends to act more feminine in a skirt. I can garden and drive a tractor in a dress,though, I haven’t tried riding a horse yet! I can do laundry or play on the floor with toy tractors in a skirt. I can stay feminine despite what the world says. What’s good for boys is good for girls too.  It’s good for my little girls to see a strong leader in their daddy.  It’s good for them to see a distinction between the sexes.


  • paint their nails
  • let them dress up in girl clothes
  • never let one hair get out of place
  • always keep them clean
  • keep them only around women
  • keep them in the house
  • never let them do anything risky
  • don’t let them wrestle
  • wives run your homes, don’t yield to your husband
  • women be the spiritual leader in your family
  • don’t own any play clothes
  • keep shoes on them at all times
  • don’t let them play with other boys
  • keep them quiet at all times
  • keep them away from their daddy


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