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Boys Will Be Boys…If You Let Them Be!


We are honored that God would see fit to bless us with three  little guys, and counting, to mold and shape to one day become soldiers for our Lord.

We embrace their “boyhood”.  My husband and I get tickled when they get all stirred up.  Boys should be allowed to be boys, to wrestle, to jump in the water puddle, to get muddy when they are exploring, to make and be creative with their hands.  Every day we fight a battle with a world that  is feminizing our little boys and teaching little girls to be more masculine.


We should praise their daddy in front of them and seek out and share his manly traits with them.  I often share with the boys and girls when I can’t open something.  I say, “I’ll have to wait till daddy gets home to open this one!”  I tell the boys all the time that they need to finish eating their protine so they can be big and strong like Daddy. Little boys naturally want to be just like their dad. I often ask them, “Can you please help me move this laundry basket or carry this? I need somebody big and strong to help me ” Little boys just naturally want to be manly.  When Lee was little he refused wearing shorts.  I had just bought him a new pair and I asked him why he wouldn’t wear them.  He said “Men don’t wear shorts.”  He was referring to his daddy, of course.  I didn’t complain about money lost, I went out and got my little man pants!  Teach them that ladies go first, teach them to hold open the door.

Not only do I wan’t my boys to have a picture of a man, I also want my boys to have a clear picture of a feminine woman. I want them to see growing up that a woman can embrace femininity and enjoy it. There is clear gender distinction in our home. Their dad is the bread winner while their mom is the bread baker.  Daddy also wears the pants, figuratively and literally.

A wife should never demean her husband or talk badly about him to our children or in front of our children. I have heard lots of women complaining to their kids about their father. This is a definite way to go to get your kids to disrespect him and not want to be like him. Kids will learn as they get older that Mama and Daddy are not perfect; we don’t need to point out these imperfections to their little minds.

Wearing modest dresses and skirts around our my boys is giving them a physical picture of a feminine woman. I can be feminine in a pair of pants, but I don’t know anyone who will argue that a woman looks more feminine and tends to act more feminine in a skirt. I can garden and drive a tractor in a dress,though, I haven’t tried riding a horse yet! I can do laundry or play on the floor with toy tractors in a skirt. I can stay feminine despite what the world says. What’s good for boys is good for girls too.  It’s good for my little girls to see a strong leader in their daddy.  It’s good for them to see a distinction between the sexes.


  • paint their nails
  • let them dress up in girl clothes
  • never let one hair get out of place
  • always keep them clean
  • keep them only around women
  • keep them in the house
  • never let them do anything risky
  • don’t let them wrestle
  • wives run your homes, don’t yield to your husband
  • women be the spiritual leader in your family
  • don’t own any play clothes
  • keep shoes on them at all times
  • don’t let them play with other boys
  • keep them quiet at all times
  • keep them away from their daddy


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