Excuses for not Homeschooling


We get many questions about homeschooling when people see our family out and about.  Among those asking I often hear the responses “Oh, I wish I could do that”  Most people think that homeschooling is expensive and somewhat out of reach since they don’t have a teaching degree.  I hope I can clear some of those questions up!!!


Its just too EXPENSIVE:

Though it can be expensive if you want it to be, we school our children for around $150.00 (per student per year)  Lower grades for as little as $50.00.  Most of what we use is re-usable and in the future some of our kids will be homeschooling almost free.

I don’t have any PATIENCE:

I don’t have much either, but by God’s grace, I am learning. We are learning together EVERY DAY, and this requires patience.  Things worth doing are not always the easiest things, but they reap the greatest rewards.


This is probably the biggest excuse we hear.  Apparently, because we homeschool, our kids will turn out being reclusive hermits or something. Our kids go with us to make loans, they go to church, they know how and actively converse with adults.  They are not glued to a phone, computer screen or TV.  I have always figured it was better for kids to be socialized by socialized adults, rather than un-socialized peers. That being said, they do have “real” friends their age and we go on more learning field trips than are offered at any government school.

We have to have 2 INCOMES:

No you don’t!  Every one assumes that because we are self-employed, have 6 kids and homeschool, that we are wealthy.  We are not.  What God does give us extra, we give to His work.  Regardless of current opinion you don’t HAVE to have most of the things you think are necessities.  We could all do without these “extras” and our families would be the better for it.

You must be really SMART!

I don’t have to have a college degree to know what is best for my kids, or to provide a better education for their specific needs.  Homeschool materials are structured in a way to teach a new homeschool Mom how to teach their children.  As you learn as you go, you will see what methodologies work best for your individual children.

Good kids are needed in the Public School system: THE LIGHT TO THE WORLD MENTALITY:

I agree, there is a lack of “good” moral kids in the system, but it’s not because all the “good ones” are being homeschooled.  Its because of the system they are being indoctrinated into, and because of those PEERS, with whom you want ours to socialize with.  One rotten apple will spoil the whole bushel.  We do want our children to be a light to the world.  That’s what we are training them for. One day they will be that light in the world, when they are spiritually ready. I doubt that the government school has the same things in mind when we speak of training our children.

I think kids should be on the same level THE HERD MENTALITY:

This thinking comes from years of indoctrination.  This is exactly where they want you.  You are programmed to think that we should all be equal, no matter what our inputs.  These thoughts will lead to a socialized state.  Socialized education, socialized medicine equals communism.  The truth is, I want my kids to be smarter than their peers, I want them to be on another level, we pray for them a greater success!  Homeschool offers this!  We can stretch their potential!  They don’t have to wait till 3rd grade to write in cursive, because their peers haven’t been taught to yet (or will never be taught) They don’t have to graduate college or start a business when their peers do, they CAN and WILL be ahead of the game, and they will have SKILLS to accompany their book learning.

Well, that’s the questions and statements we usually run across from people when they find out we homeschool.  If you still have doubts, just hide and watch.   Our children’s success will speak for itself one day.  And by all means, engage them when you see us around, they will be the kids without phones who are capable of having conversations with adults.  If you have any other CONSERNS, I would be happy to give you our take on those as well. :)


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