How to get INSTANT OBEDIENCE, & Why it is Important


A Better View by ShirleyReade

A child is playing ball with his brothers and sisters in the yard.  Mom is casually watching as she reads the paper.  Little Jimmy knocks the ball into the street and his 2 year old sister Sally runs out to get it.  Just as Sally reached the curb, mom notices her little girl and the 18 wheeler barreling down the road,and yells “STOP, SALLY!”  If this little girl is trained to obey instantly…her life will be spared.  If  instant obedience dosen’t matter so much to her parents, Sally would be dead.

You may not think instant obedience is important, but it is.  It is just as important as obedience.  The Bible tells us we should be instant! Paul told Timothy to be instant to preach…

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. 2 Timothy 4:2

Romans 12:12 says we should be instant in prayer…

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer

A year or two ago, our child training came to a test.  I had just finished mowing the lawn and I was out spraying our ditch.  I turned around and noticed Lee and Grady running toward me.  Between us I noticed a large black stick.  Suddenly, the Lord put the thought in my mind (I just mowed, there wasn’t any stick there…and this was a large one!)  I screamed “SSSSSTTTTTTTTTOOOOOPPPPPP!, Snake!  Get in the House!”  My little ones stopped, turned around and ran in the house.  I ran over the snake with the lawn mower, a funny story for another time, and went in the house and commended them on obeying instantly!  It was just a king snake, but it could have been a cotton mouth. 

Instant obedience is important for safety, but it is also important for life.  We want our kids to be respectful of others in authority over them.  No one likes to ask someone to do something over and over again.  No one likes to ask someone to do something and they do the opposite, or do what they want to, or delay doing the task ahead of them.  We run a business, and we have had workers like this quite often.  We don’t want our kids to be thought of like we have thought of these workers.  We don’t wan’t our kids to be undisciplined bosses.  We intend on training them to obey instantly and to enjoy serving.  Complaining when obeying, is not satisfactory!  Delayed obedience is dis-obedience.

How we train…

  • There are inner rewards and parental commendations when they do the right thing.
  • Initiative is rewarded as well (sometimes we don’t even have to ask them to do a task!)
  • Consequences happen when there is fretting or delayed obedience.


The kids like to play this…and it teaches manners, too!  You can even teach colors or use this method to put things away instead of finding things.

Have all the kids gather around.  Name a child and tell them to go find something red (or an object)

They should respond “Yes Mam, I’d be happy too” and then go fetch the item.

When they return everyone should praise them.

Move on to the next kid as they return their found item.



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